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  • Rughiniș, Cosima, Simona-Nicoleta Vulpe, Michael G. Flaherty, and Sorina Vasile. 2022. “Shades of Doubt: Measuring and Classifying Vaccination Confidence in Europe.” Vaccine 40 (46): 6670–79. [Article]
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, Simona-Nicoleta Vulpe, Michael Flaherty, and Sorina Vasile. 2022. Vaccination, life expectancy, and trust: patterns of COVID-19 and measles vaccination rates around the world. Public Health. [Article]
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  • Hosszu, Alexandra, Cosima Rughiniș, Răzvan Rughiniș, and Daniel Rosner. 2022. Webcams and social interaction during online classes: Identity work, presentation of self, and well-being. Frontiers in Psychology 12. [Article]
  • Vulpe, Simona-Nicoleta, and Cosima Rughiniş. 2021. Social amplification of risk and “probable vaccine damage”: A typology of vaccination beliefs in 28 European countries. Vaccine 39, no. 10 : 1508-1515. [Article] [Full-text preprint]
  • Flaherty, Michael and Cosima Rughiniș, April 13. What do memes tell us about self and time during the pandemic? Contexts – Sociology for the Public, ASA. To be reprinted in Jodi O’Brien (Ed.), 2021, Production of Reality, Seventh Edition, SAGE Publications.
  • Rughiniș, Răzvan, Cosima Rughiniș, Simona Nicoleta Vulpe, and Daniel Rosner. 2021. From social netizens to data citizens: variations of GDPR awareness in 28 European countries. Computer Law & Security Review 42 (2021): 105585. [Article] [Full-text preprint]
  • Vulpe, Simona-Nicoleta. 2021. Croyance et scepticisme. Les justifications religieuses de l’hésitation à la vaccination et du climato-scepticisme. Sociologie Românească 19(2): 69-88. [Article]

Outreach | Diseminare

  • Rughiniș, Cosima, June 2022, Cei mai săraci bogați, cei mai fraieri șmecheri, Dilema veche.
  • Vulpe, Simona-Nicoleta, May 5, 2022, Interview for Digi24. [Online article]
  • Vulpe, Simona-Nicoleta, April 14, 2022, Interview for ZME Science. [Online article]
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, April 6, 2022, Conference at the Interdisciplinary School for Doctoral Studies: “Anti/Vax: The Social Construction of Vaccination Trust and Distrust”. [Poster]
  • Vulpe, Simona-Nicoleta, 2021, Talk for Science Presented: Social Amplification of Risk and “Probable Vaccine Damage”, available on YouTube.
  • Vulpe, Simona-Nicoleta, 2021, Interview for Novosti weekly Zagreb. [Online article]
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, 2021, Presentation in the University of Bucharest event “Information and Vaccination” (Facebook live, 12 November 2021).
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, 2021, October 28, Interview with Marius Popescu, Știrile TVR1.
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, 2021, October 28, Interview with Ingmar Neveus and Alexander Mahmoud for Dagens Nyheter, “That is why 70 percent of Romanians refuse to be vaccinated – despite record deaths”. Video available here. (Online article)
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, 2021, October 26, Vaccinarea și scepticismul la români. Universitatea din București – Doza de știință, YouTube video.
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, 2021, July 19, Vaccinarea anti-COVID – între tipic statistic și potențial național.
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, 2021, March 17, Astra Zeneca și coagularea: eternul conflict dintre imaginație și calcul.
  • Rughiniș, Cosima. 2021, March 7, Cum am ajuns să am încredere în vaccinurile anti-covid.


Premiul Senatului Universității din București, 2022 [Diploma]

Previous Team Publications | Publicații anterioare ale echipei

  • Ciocănel, Alexandra, Rughiniș, Cosima and Flaherty, Michael G. 2020. Argumentative time work for legitimizing homeopathy: Temporal reasons for the acceptance of an alternative medical practice. Time & Society, p.0961463X20962663. [Full-text article]
  • Rughinis, Cosima, Dima, Lorena and Vasile, Sorina, 2020. Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19: Lack of Efficacy and the Social Construction of Plausibility. American Journal of Therapeutics27(6), pp.e573-e583. [Article] [Full-text preprint]
  • Toth, Cosmin, 2020. Repertoires of Vaccine Refusal in Romania. Vaccines8(4), p.757. [Full-text article]
  • Toth, Cosmin, 2019. The rational, loving and responsible parent. A discursive construction of the identities of the parents that decided not to vaccinate their children. Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology10(02), pp.1-14. [Full-text article]
  • Vulpe, Simona Nicoleta, 2020. Cooling down the future. A discourse analysis of climate change skepticism. The Social Science Journal, pp.1-17. [Article]
  • Vulpe, Simona Nicoleta, 2020. To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate against HPV? A Content Analysis of Vocabularies of Motives. Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations22(3), pp.105-123. [Full-text article]
  • Vulpe, Simona Nicoleta, 2020. Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy as Extended Attitudes. European Review Of Applied Sociology13(20), pp.43-57. [Full-text article]

Research project implemented in the University of Bucharest and funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Scientific Research, and Digitalization, Romania, project PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2020-1589

Proiect de cercetare implementat în Universitatea din București și finanțat de Ministerul Inovației, Cercetării și Digitalizării, România, PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2020-1589